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VAILA WOOL ROOM “HOME FROM HOME” at VAILA FINE ART, LERWICK, SHETLAND during SHETLAND WOOL WEEK 2014 Isle of Vaila Organic sheep provided the raw material for the exhibition in the Third Room of the Gallery. The contributors are: ANDREA WILLIAMSON from Whalsay, Shetland cushions, blankets, little horses - machine knittted A London City tailor Husband’s waistcoat - Vaila Tweed, Houndstooth JENNIFER TAIT from Scalloway, Shetland cushions - reversible machine knit CAROLINE CLAPP from Tingwall, Shetland rug made from dog ends MY TALENTED FRIEND from Bridge of Walls, Shetland Shetland haps and garments made from patterns by published designers AMY CHEYNE from Scalloway, Shetland upholstery of the Shetland Resting Chair - Vaila Tweed, Herringbone WENDY INKSTER from Burra, Shetland Burra Bears - Vaila Tweed and ALICJA TYBURSKA from Poznań, Poland hand woven shawls on a four shaft loom KAROLINA RADULSKA from Janów, Podlasie, Poland hand woven double thread traditional bedspreads and cushion covers Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Organic Native Shetland Wool accredited items: GRANDMOTHER’S BLANKET hand spun and hand woven in Shetland by Elizabeth Johnston and Emma Blain respectively
TWO HATS hand spun by EJ and knitted in Shetland by Debbie Briggs from Fetlar
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